CASE STUDIES: A Discussion

Link to a Centra discussion about the purpose and format of Case Studies (26/10/10). (The file is stored on Skydrive and needs to be downloaded before you can play it. It plays in Centra. Ignore the warning about this file being dangerous!)



So what is the dangerous idea I have been exploring and why do many people across the world consider it powerful? The dangerous idea is that school reform, in India in particular, but across the world too, is impossible.
Changing education, at the systemic level or at the institutional or school level, or educating teachers and school leaders in change can be classified as largely first order change - that of school improvement, which involves doing more of the same but doing it better (where the focus is on efficiency) and that of school re-structuring, which involves re-organising components and responsibilities (where the focus is on effectiveness).
The power behind the dangerous idea is the realisation that if one cannot reform education by improving the system or by re-structuring the schools, then the way forward must be through design. The need seemed to be to re-envision and to design a new system - one that supports both personal and social transformation creating 21st century learning. This thinking resulted in the birth of Project Vision.

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