Create a table in wikispaces

  1. go into "edit" and insert the table as close to the correct number of rows and cells as possible. Don't worry if this is not exact.
  2. You will find a little icon showin a table. This is quite unworkable to most humans.
  3. Change to text editing mode. Go to "text Editor" and click, you will then be able to edit in wiki "syntax".
  4. You will see a series of "|| || || ||". This actually represents three colums and one row! The spaces between the double "lines" are the cells of the table. Type what you want in there.
  5. You can format the cells using wiki syntax or go back to the Visual Editor. The width of the colums adjust to the content in the cells.
  6. Save

Using the "Text Editor"

The "text editor" can be used when the "Visual Editor" (the default) does not work for you. When you are in the "text editor" you can copy from other pages that have done something similar to what you want, and for more detail click on the "help how to format text" link at the bottom of the page.