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Role of Mentors

Recordings of Lynne's session on mentoring (2009)

Part 1 of presentation (voice recording - Lynne Simmons)
Part 2 of presentation (voice recording - Lynne Simmons

The role of mentors will be to help increase the skills of around 4-6 teachers over a period of one semester, and assist them to develop and implement new methods of delivery . This will involve:

  • Helping teachers to assess their own skills and skill needs
  • Introducing teachers to TAFE SA's key elearning platforms
  • Helping teachers choose the most appropriate methods for their students.
  • Advising and supporting them in delivery.
  • Assisting to report on project outcomes and evaluation.

The aim is that by the end of your mentoring period each of the teachers you are supporting will be using at least one new learning technology with one group of students, in a sustained and ongoing way, and that their students will have engaged successfully with the technology.
You will have the resources of the Teaching and Learning team to support you in your role, as well as being able to draw on each others’ skills and experiences.
You will be expected to create a personal mentoring space (Mahara, Ning, or other?) to record your mentoring journey and to collect evidence through images and /or recording to this site.

You will be expected to produce two case studies as evidence of your mentoring program to be shared across the institute as a model of embedding technology in teaching practice.
You will be required to survey your mentorees at the beginning and the end of the program so that we can evaluate the progress of the mentoring program and its outcomes.

Mentoring - Session Notes from 10/8/10