Tuesday, August 10 - second day into the LTM induction workshop - you have to start your WIKI space before lunch - eek!
My Cert II/III students are using Moodle as part of their daily sessions. The idea is to have all 3 ESL classes at Salisbury with their own class moodle sites - and to hopefully encourage Port and Regency involvement - create a student online community (not only a place for teachers to add lesson activities)

Really enjoyed meeting everyone at the workshop - very interesting and also a lot of laughs.

Wednesday, August 18 – met with Cheryl at Regency (Innovation in Teaching & Learning)
Cheryl was a fantastic help! We talked about the way the online community could be structured. Simple idea– a Moodle Hub from which the other moodle sites are linked. The hub will be the students’ first port of call before going to their individual class sites. And the hub can contain anything that all classes want to share (forums, photos of events etc) We also discussed the range of options re access to individual sites and class forums. We created a metacourse (called it ESL TAFE HUB). Cheryl showed me some of her excellent elearning tutorials on Moodle which could be very useful to both staff and students

Have yet to finalise the mentees – needed to first have this discussion with Cheryl.
But so far will probably include:
Susi Freemith & Lidia Lipkiewicz (Cert III/IV class, Salisbury)
Lana Kitik & John Olekalns (Cert I/II class, Salisbury)
And hopefully one or two or three teachers from Port & Regency (will contact them this week)

Monday, August 23 -
Attended a computing session with the Cert III/IV students - created logins and enrolled in the course (showed a few students the process and then they helped others to do the same).

A couple of the students including Giselle continued to help others throughout the week - didn't need me or Susi.

Tuesday, August 24 - meeting at the Port with ESL lecturers (Liz Roarty, Bron Blight, Andrea Murray)
They've got a lot more computer access this semester and are really enthusiastic about getting their students into using Moodle. And are also interested in the possibilty of cross-campus interaction via the ESL TAFE HUB.
Discussion Points:
- Begin with one moodle site shared by Liz, Bron and Andrea (about 60 or more students)
- Likely that at least one other Moodle site will be created for other ESL class later in Term 4
- Audacity (log job with IT) and headphones (order new class set)
- Liz, Bron and Andrea to get access to Salisbury moodle sites - to see what we've been doing
- Next meeting Thursday August 31 - session on using audacity to create listening activties / class forums / adding photos / student profiles / instructions for students to access site

Thursday, August 26 - Salisbury group
Session with Susi (Cert III/IV)
- how to publish students' written work on moodle - we added assignment activity - then students over the next few weeks will submit assignments - Susi to add them to an HTML block
- about Forums ..................

Session with John (Cert I/II)
Took some class photos to add to the empty Moodle site - but was fun - students enjoyed it and a good way to get to know them.

John will take them into the moodle site for first time next Thursday - I've started a topic and he's going to start another.
I'll spend some time in the computing room with them - It's enough for the students just to get to the site and log in for the fiirst time - and then to also get into the forum - and enjoy the whole experience without too many hitches (it all went smoothly the following week when students went in for the first time - I started the topic - both John and Lana I think were "touched" by the comments from students about how much they enjoyed being in the class and having John and Lana as their teachers)

Catch up with Elaine - (HPI taking my class on Thursdays and using Moodle with the students for an hour in the mornings)
I've been preparing listening exercises in Moodle for her - she's very interested in being able to do it herself - decided best time to see each other is during the break - will go to her house - install Audacity - show her how to add activities to Moodle

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