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MENTEES' program details will be added after the first meeting:





Mentee's Survival Kit
Headphones with microphones
MP3 player
Mahara e-portfolio
Moodle log-in
Mentee sessions Term4
A Moodle I prepared earlier:
Preparation to study Moodle
Why use e-portfolios?
How to set up a wiki.

Progress to date 2/10/09
Following Allan and Ric's advice, I was able to gain developing access to the TESOL on-line course on Janison and have now been able to begin editing and revamping the course. Having had no training in Janison previously, it is trial and error, but it is not too difficult and similar in some regards to Moodle.

From Cheryl's and Jane's Moodle ideas, I have started allocating groups for the Preparation to study Moodle in readiness for next term. I have also uploaded the ELS/ELICOS surveys that I have organised to be on-line into the Moodle for ease of use. This will hopefully overcome some resistance to its use particularly reducing time wasting of keying in the URL.
As you can see last week's sessions were extremely valuable and I am looking forward to other opportunities to learn from the experts!

I have been approached by ELS Renaissance Centre to deliver a Moodle session to staff next term, demonstrating my Moodle but particularly advocating for its use as a classrrom resource.
I am hoping to enlist the support of our OET on-line specialist who can demonstrate the use of Moodle as a course and I will show the interactive uses of moodle for students and class groupings.

I have spoken to my Manager re mentoring and she has had some requests received for staff to be involved. However, she has recommended that I speak to Ruth first to determine her understanding of the process. This will happen next week when I return from leave.

The next step:
Further development in both Moodle and Janison and beginning dabblings with Wikispaces and Mahara. I am keen to set up an instructional site for employability skills using Mahara, so I will see how I go.

I contacted Ruth Robinson today to negotiate possible mentees, so am now waiting for an email to confirm the next meeting date and proposal instuctions for LTMs.
I seem to have a piece of the loop missing at present because I missed the last session of the mentoring training. Hopefully the email with close the gaps.

A collection of useful videos.
Mahara Moodle

Meeting with TASLTMs and Ruth tomorrow so I will hopefully have more direction as to the target workgroups for mentoring. Spoke to my EM today, who has two potential mentorees and is supportive of my release to work with other workgroups.

A productive day organising meeting schedules with nearly all mentees. All very enthusiastic and keen to make a start.Most sessions will commence next week.
Session 1 today with Nadine. Will forward the program details to Michael and Ruth tomorrow. Worked on Project aims and steps to achieve them. Redeveloped my Avator to solve sound issues with Nadine's Avatar.travelled to ESL site and spoke to ESL students in Japan. Briefly had site visit to the sandpit for building practice.
Second Life Tutorial
Second life wiki
Second life educational applications

I have now met with all of my mentorees to clarify roles and to discuss project proposals.
All enthusiastic with great ideas and considerable IT expertise. My role will be more of a supportive one to focus on setting short term as well as long term goals and time-management. Three mentorees will have weekly timeslots, whereas three will probably be on less frequent but lengthier showcase or troubleshooting sessions.

The TAFESA South LTM and mentoree meeting was fantastic last Friday for networking, troubleshooting and clarifying goals. Have now overcome Second Life access issues and have been able to visit sites suggested on Yammer. Closed- but still interesting to visit Jokadia and to see the possibilities. Finding yammer a great source of information ansdadvice. Not much to offer myself at this stage but with more e-learning I hopefully will.
I am currently reading up about e-beams at the moment, so will test it out this week.

Had many Moodle questions answered at E-dayz. Now looking forward to testing them out and passing on the information to others. Areas of interest include using the book tool and adding audio and video.

Nadine has made great progress with her Second Life project, now with total rights to her allocated site on TAFESA island.
She has created a number of movie theatres where avatars can sit and watch streamed movies. I have set her the challenge of streaming different movies on each screen or the same movie but displaying different chapters. This has applications for the language classroom with technology usage and communication skills.
During a mentoring session, we trialed a lesson where my Avatar gave Nadine's Avatar verbal instructions to build a building to a specific size, with windows, a door etc. This activity was approximately timed to assess the required lesson length. It wasn't possible to obtain a door in the allocated time but Nadine later located a stained glass window and timber door to add to her list of objects. We will continue with Second Life trials on Monday.

Trevor's RPL investigation is progressing with his latest thoughts shared at E-dayz. Over the break he will investigate the most appropriate tool for the project and will then make contact to keep me posted.

Adrienne and Julia will be working with me next week to commence structuring their Moodle and will use the Moodle PD between sessions to assist.

Graeme and Helen now have Moodle sites and PD access. They both have some Moodle experience so will begin structuring their Moodles and I will be assisting with the use of the book tool, audio, video and assessment tools.

I am trying to find time also to develop my own skills with e-beams, Moodle course development and ipod application so will set aside time early next week to pursue this.

2010 update
With the Innovations Showcase looming I thought it was timely to review 2010 so far. I have made contact with all mentors, three of whom received funding have now opted to work individually for the Innovations Showcase. They have highly developed skills in IT and have not required much assistance in this area.
It has been enlightening to see the progress of the Second Life Project and to sit in on a development session between Nadine and the administrator of TAFESA island. It is great to see the realisation of the proposed Second Life site for ELICOS students and the imminent trial stage.This project will form the content of one of my case studies as I believe it has amazing potential for student usage, even though there have been technical barriers along the way.

I am heartened by two other unfunded mentoring projects, who although not at the stage to showcase, will provide a valuable tool for student usage. One project will use moodle to develop a course for sustainability and the other is focussing on receiving recognition for employability skills with a focus on ESL. Both mentees are passionate about these areas and are relatively new moodle users so these projects will no doubt continue in partnership, after the Mentoring program has finished.
I will be basing my second case study on the employability moodle.

One of my recent moodle mentoring sessions involved a phone hookup with Doug Purcell to embed scorm into the moodle There are so many useful toolboxes that can be adapted into moodle courses, I wanted to explore this further. Being a visual learner, I ventured onto youtube and found a useful video if you forgive the camera work.
embedding scorm into moodle
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