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September 23-my wedding anniversary today-no romantic dinner with my husband!
Managed to upload a photo-this is amazing- swimming at Bondi Beach during the dust storm! I was feeling apprehensive yesterday but much better as we have more hands on opportunities to practice.
So many new things to learn.

September 24th 2009
Back home on YP and continuing to think, mull and consider the learning curve for me from the last three days. I really enjoyed the conversations and input from all group members and although still feel a little behind in the e-learning stakes, feel I have the excitement and energy to find out more. Michael you have an easy manner that is patient and supportive and I have appreciate that over the three days. I still seem to be having some trouble with google groups for some reason but hope I can iron this out today or next week. I have added a photo of the Yorketown front office to give you some context of where I am-the window to the left is my office!


October 6th
Meeting with manager of CS&H this week via phone link to discuss the requirements of this program. It has all been a little last minute so no-one is clear about expected outcomes or how it will be used within our program. I am concerned about the time factors as this is the busiest time of the year for lecturing staff and we are also developing tools for new training package implementation for 2010. I am on leave next week so plan not to think so much about it after this week.
Using centra and moodle seem our best options at the moment. I don't feel I can contribute much on yammer at this stage but will continue to look at it. I would like to be able to set up a page that has links to all the new things I have started but not sure how or which one is best. I open yammer, moodle and wiki all at once. We use video-conferencing a little for students but would like to develop moodle into a more tageted site for on-line delivery. At the moment it is a resource site with "added bits and pieces". Here is the link to my podcast

Setting up calendar

October 7th
Have had a meeting with managers regarding mentoring-very useful. Will be in touch with Anne Dening to progress this further.
Here is a link to some excellent information sites about mentoring
Video-conferencing with students in Pt Pirie and Pinnaroo

October 8th
Yay! I got voice threads to work so that people can make a comment-check out the link
October 9th
On leave for a week!

October 29th
I am having the first meeting with my manager and with Anne Denning to begin my mentoring project-looking forward to making a start. I do have a list of mentees, however at this stage none of them know they are a part of it and it is most probably likely to begin first term next year because of CS&H new training package implementation.

November 4th
Met with Ali and Anne last week-(29th) to discuss the program-I have my mentees-Ali was advising all mentees on Friday 30th. Ali and I have arranged a face to face meeting, prior to arranging a V/C with mentees-they are all from the enrolled nursing team. Sending you the list by email Michael


November 10th
Had a further meeting with Ali to discuss the project-appear to be on track for getting it all together for term 1 2010

November 26th
Unfortunately I am unable to meet with you all on the date set-here is a link to my Christmas message!

Welcome back everyone-hope you had a great break-no doubt some of you have been back for a while.
I am having my first mentor meeting via V/C next week so looking forward to that

9/3/10 A lot has happened since I last wrote on this site. Mentees have disappeared and others have joined; we have looked at centra, wiki and audacity and staff are looking for ways of using the technology with students.
An incidental youtube link re social networking-quite interesting. Social media