Case Study BCF

by Rob Beckett

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Starting Off

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The Team

Rob Beckett Mentor..

Wall & Ceiling Lining Lecturer tafeSA Gilles Plains
Diploma of Workplace Training & Assessment
Moodle Administrator

I look calm but time is passing and there are things to do..
I have being working at tafeSA Gilles Plains Campus since january 2005 and delivering training to Apprentices, VET, Prevocational and DIY Night Class students in wall & ceiling lining and during that time I have been involved in Several projects involving elearning, INNOVATIONS08, CBA 2010, Faciliate Elearning Moodle course and now this Mentoring project.

tafesSA has an elearning strategy that includes Moolde and other forms of non-face to face delivery methods and this Mentoring project seeks to raise awareness and increase experience with elearning delivery, resources and courses. CPC08 Cert I (Wall & Ceiling Lining ) GP is the course we are using for the project and identifying possible access and use across other trade areas both at Gilles Plains and Noarlunga Campuses.

I have been involved in Classroom, Workshop, On-site and On-line delivery and Assessment of students and RPL Candidates and would like to see elearning options made available to all MTT areas at tafeSA.

The project is part of that expansion of elearning into the Building MTT section. Contact: 08 8207 1166
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Andrew Young

Painter & Decorator tafeSA Gilles Plains Campus.
Andrew looking at options on-line

My Name is Andrew Young; I have been a Painter & Decorator for thirty years. During this time I have been an apprentice for four years, employed as a tradesman for two, supervisor for four, self employed for twelve and the last nine as a Painting Lecturer at Gilles Plains TAFE.

The last nine years have certainly been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience in which time I have developed a passion to engage all students to not only achieve completing all competencies to the highest level of their abillities but to also enjoy the process of learning the skills of their trade. (I enjoyed doing a large amount of post trade training in Painting & related trades over a 25 year period and continue to do so.)

I have taught PreVocational, 1st, 2nd & 3rd year Apprentices in all facets of the trade generally in two week blocks in a classroom or workshop environment. I have been involved in some on-site assessment of some of the common & integral skills of the trade and also have developed some self researched projects for some theory based competencies.I have in the last two years been involved with the 'Worldskills Competitions' where students get to compete against other Apprentices to showcase their skills to the trade and public regionally, nationally and for the top few on the world stage. I have also in the last few years attended the National Painting Conference held in NSW where the input to training and sharing of resources has been most beneficial.

I look forward to further developing some more learning tools & the continued challenge of engaging students in their study. Andrew Young Lecturer - Painting & DecoratingTAFE-SA NorthPh: 82071220

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Gabriele Nardeccia

Tiling Lecturer tafeSA Gilles Plains Campus

Gab being developed

Apprentice 1990 – 1993

  • Tiling apprentice award 1990,91,92
  • Runner up Ron Phillips award 1992
Self employed 1994 – 2010

  • New homes
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Small commercial projects
  • Have trained 2 apprentices along the way

  • HPI adult up skilling groups 2006 – 2008
  • Training of apprentice, prevocational and vet groups 2006 to current
  • Cert IV work place training and assessment
  • Cert III Wall and floor tiling
  • Cert III Solid plastering
Reasons for moving into Training
  • Give body a rest
  • Enjoy passing on my knowledge and experiences
  • Fulfilment in helping students reach/realise their potential. Seeing the penny drop

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Paul Martin

Painting & Decorating Lecturer tafeSA Gilles Plains Campus

I'll get it on-line I promise rob...

My Name is Paul Martin; I began my career as a Painter & Decorator twenty five years ago. Since that time I have been an apprentice for four years, employed as a tradesman and self employed and the last four as a Painting Lecturer at Gilles Plains TAFE.
My main hobby is Scuba diving and I have been an instructor for 18 years. In that time I worked as a full time Scuba diving instructor in the Solomon Islands for 5 years. On my return from the Solomon Islands I returned to the painting trade and also worked at Solver paints for about 3 years. Working as a TAFE Lecturer has allowed me to combine my enjoyment and satisfaction of teaching with trade that I know. I particularly enjoy developing new learning resources to engage the students. I also believe this keeps me up to date with changes in the industry, particularly new products.

I try to keep myself informed with all up to date information on teaching methods and got a lot of insight in to how other states are running their programs when I attended the National Painting Conference held in Newcastle, NSW and visited their TAFE Painting and Decorating College.I hope to be able to continue developing learning tools & being involved in the education of our future tradespeople.

Paul Martin Lecturer - Painting & Decorating TAFE-SA North Ph: 82071161

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Rowland Bovaird

Wall & Ceiling Lining Lecturer at tafeSA Noarlunga Campus

Noarlunga WC&L are getting their students on-line..

I am currently a lecturer at tafeSA in the Wall & Ceiling Lining Programme and I worked in the industry for 32 years. Before starting part-time at tafeSA in 2005.

I am now a full time lecturer at the Noarlunga Campus where we have started a W&C programme with apprentices and a pre-voc s programme combined with Painting and Decorating.

I have worked in all areas of the Wall & Ceiling Lining trade, which covers a wide range of tasks that an apprentice may encounter in the course of his trade.

While being more of a “hands on“ type of lecturer I am getting more involved with more e-learning strategies. Away from teaching I like rugby, cars, fishing and playing my guitar [badly!!!].

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First Chat Session

31st August. Andrew Young, Gabriele Nardeccia, Paul Martin, Rowland Bovaird & I 12:15pm Moodle Chat used. All attended, all had never used Chat as a medium of communication and apart from some slowish typing all got on well though reluctant. Paul left early to take a class but could see a use for it with students.

One fault, I forgot to save the text after the session for reflection. That won't happen again. Wasted opportunity and lost information. Gabriele and Andrew indicated possibilities and a willingness to submit content and look at examples of on-line content. Rowland Has resources he would like adapted for the Moodle platform and Paul will be working with Andrew to come up with some opportunities to get their content up and running online.

Overall a good result and some thinking focussed on elearning and what they are looking to do and have..

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Initial Survey

5th September

This week I collected my thoughts and put together a via the Survey Monkey site a list a 10 questions to get some feedback on what types of e-learning online resources the Mentees and others in the BCF would like to see in a new PDF/eBook unit booklet.

A new booklet would replace the hardcopy (Printable hardcopy will still available in new formats) used for all students in the BCF section trade training area. I have my thoughts and wanted to see if they were justified before proceeding with the final design and collecting of content for the booklet that will be available in Moodle LMS and for downloading to IPhone/IPad and similar eReaders.

CPC08 Construction Moodle site is under construction and uses some resources already in the existing CPC08 Wall & Ceiling Lining online course, though the format is different and will concentrate on the levels of study students are at and what they should be able to do in the workplace. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, Prevocational, VET students. The ebook will allow for this in its Sections and Chapters and combine information in workplace related
scenarios in smaller chunks.

This approach seems to me to be more appropriate to assessment for learning and engagement of learners and could reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed by text that trade students experience and react badly to.

The survey has gone out and I now await the respones if any.

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The Response

Survey Responses
The thief of time has struck
And holds dear all
But a the few moments
That slip through a
boney tightened grip
And slide down to
Mentor and Mentoree alike.
That was the response well that was as I saw it anyway. The issues raised and communictaions that followed wereb as expected and inline with past personal experiences. It is the embedding and practical use that appears the stumbling block. All Mentorees wanted to have at their disposal the basic framework or an on-line course resource. Moodle was the platform and access for studnets via Wifi and even on campus were hurdles, in Mentorees minds and bodies.
Days pass and the pressures of budgets, learning the new SIS package, Staff sickness, varying student numbers and locations take the my high expectations for a ride that only rarely involves an upward direction on a progress graph in my opinion. A shortage of time to devote to this development slows the process and my lofty ideals have had to be adjusted. Awareness of the framework and set up of Moodle are rising, tools available and opportunities for more development are becoming clearer to all.
All Mentorees showed a liking for the adobe forms we discussed as a way of including self-assessment and engagement in the e-learning program and scenario based Moodle book pages are underway for each trade area to give a relevance and application to the Moodle on-line learning materials and delivery.
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Second Official Meeting With Mentees


This has been an on-going while not being a battle as such it has been an on going joke, as three of the Mentorees and I meet every morning and work across several desk lengths in the staffroom. However I have noticed that they are rarely at their desks for long with nothing to do, although we are supposed to have 16 hours a week for prep and mark. Surprisingly it all seems to be taken up with Prep and mark, ordering, filling in for sickness absentees, SIS data entry and attendance tracking, recording assessment results, Night classes, on-site assessment, RPL and requests for information from the public on cources and qualifications, Not much time left for program or personal development there..

The Portfolio in PDF form we developed as a way of getting all the resources in one place and ready to be zipped and uploaded to Moodle for student access that file is too large to upload here, we have also looked at, discussed and come up with the fact that the course unit booklets need to be updated and more aimed at electronic delivery. As a result we have come up with adding Tables of contents to the Power Points that are clickable when converted to PDF's and uploaded to Moodle, an IPhone, Computer or Smart phone. see the attached file below for an example.

As far as the feedback is concerned from me it is that time is a real threat to this intial Mentoring program and it has highlighted my weaknesses as a Mentor that I will be addressing as soon as possible. But it has also highlighted the desire to have this knowledge and expertise on hand as a tool to reach students and align ourselves with the tafeSA e-learning directions.

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Project Update

1st Day December and of Summer 2011

The program areas are starting to wind down class wise and hopefully this extra free time will assist both the Mentorees and myself in getting the progress rate elevated to a more reasonable level. I can see that this Mentor/Mentoree relationship will be of benefit to both parties and is now an on-going relationship, it is fostering discussions that were not really there in the past and lifting awareness of e-learning and it's potential. That is a good result as far as I am concerned and has focussed on the future change of direction that is comming up at us from SIEC (Tonsley Park Development) and the more electronic styles of delivery they are looking at with IPads, IPhone or similar platforms for Moodle and Apps.

Here is a link tot he VET section we have been working on to simplify the access issues for students who are wioth us only for 4 hours a week.

VET Moodle course Link Click me to view Cheers...

Rob Beckett

tafeSA Lecturer and Elearning Mentor
Photographer, Elearning & CBA Advocate

Here's my Redbubble Portolio

Mobile: 0410 886 270
33 Blacks Road
Gilles Plains SA 5086
Wk: 08 8207 1166

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2012 Mentoring Project Update

The year has begun and the holidays are a distant memory now and we are off to a good start with some of the Mentorees anyway. I walked past the tiling classroom on my way to my workshop and out of the corner of my eye I saw a darkened classroom with images on the whiteboard. Gabriele was involved in delivering training to students and to my delight he was using Moolde and a linked YouTube Video. I had my camera around shoulder as always and grabbed a shot quickly throught the open door. Here it is.

Gabriele has a group of shy tiling students and is using Moodle and YouTube video to show a picture of competence to them. This is a big step and Gabs has embraced it in his delivery and is becoming more adventurous as time goes by...

Gabs in action in a classroom with timid students all sitting at the back, he's not all alone really.

During the past few months and the course of the mentoring process, Gabs has asked questions and investigated other possibilities for using developing content e-learning content and Moodle to assist his delivery and engagement with his students. He tells me that when the students can see the process and the finished job or result. They have a clearer idea of what they need to achieve in the unit of training.
This process also aids with keeping the students engaged and contributing to dicsussions and input which in turn gives them ownership of their learning.

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Feedback Survey

As part of the final report to complete the Mentoring Report I have sent out a Zoomerang Surveyto see what the Mentorees got from the project.

The surveys slowly limped back to me but the thoughts were encouraging to read. Over all they seemed positive and I know that there were issues regarding lack of time to get together and slow progress. As the project rolled on it became clear that there was a general desire to gain more information and skills with on-line learning, delivery and resources. During the discussions at the end of the actual project the participants had begun to branch out into Youtube for holding their video content and links from Power Point Presentations, Moodle documents, Webpages on Moodle and even down to setting up a YouTube Channel dedicated to their own trade area.

To add to these changes with the Painting and Tiling Sections, it has started to spill over to the Bricklaying section. Together with Eric Parletta I assisted the bricklayers to set up (not set up) there own YouTube Channel dedicated to their resources. Instead of embedding the videos into a power point which creates a large file that is difficult to email, send/transfer or even upload to Moodle (8Mg limit) linking to their YouTube Channel Video gives them control of the size of the power point file and controls student and public access to the materials.

In conclusion is has encouraged me to continue with the Mentoring process with in the Unit to keep us moving forward towards Tonsley, Ipads/phone and tables and a better more embedded on-line learning and delivery system in the future.

Just have to get the video report done now and I'm done with the formal part of the project, the rest it appears will go on and on I'm happy to say...
Apprentices at work completeing arches in the workshop most of them have Iphones too...
Apprentices at work completeing arches in the workshop most of them have Iphones too...

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More Progress

Over the past few weeks things have started to pick up some pace and as you will see below, what began as a Mentoring project with a few people is spreading to other areas in our BCF unit. Planting the seed is the first step it seems to be the patience to see it develop that is the hardest part.


I am currently informally mentoring Eric Parletta regarding Moodle and getting bricklaying units onto my CPC08 Construction Gilles Plains Course and the Ipad is an excellent test platform for the development of this type of Moodle content. Eric now has editing teacher status in the course to get started and the initial chat session we have set up an Bricklaying link on the front course page and also a Veneer Construction base Topic for him to work on. Discussions focussed on at Quiz formats several options for interactive training on-line (Moodle Books & Lessons, clickable PDF’s). The existing units I have developed over the past 2 years are Wall & Ceiling Lining and the common units. These are ready to be used by any students, Bricklaying or any other trade.

Recently I assisted Eric with the setting up of a YouTube Channel for Bricklaying videos which is running and is only visible to invited students or Staff and features videos created by Eric and Ovi for their students. This also saves space on the Hard Drives as they are stored on-line, we are the owners of the materials and so there are no copyright issues and the methods used are correct

Beeing involved (Paul, Andrew, Gabriele, Roly and I) in this Mentoring project to assist other trades to become more on-line ready with resources and content and to embed on-line videos into their training sessions, we have succeeded in adding videos via YouTube for use in training for the painters and now with the bricklayers joining the move to on-line is gaining some momentum. The Painters use YouTube examples regularly to demonstrate competence or incompetence depending of the videos they use and as our learners are mostly visual it appears to be working well.

CPSISC Skills Council Cooperatives

Validating of the National the training package and on-line units & resources is currently occurring through the CPSISC Cooperative which I am a member and we can get new units validated and up and running quite quickly. All of these activities require on-line content to be presented for Desktop windows, Ipad/OS and Android platforms. This process also focusses on on-line aspects of training and assessment.

Delivering On-Line courses

My next project is to see if we can get on-line courses established for delivery for the BCF on a Fee for Service basis and at what cost to the public, as we could potentially delivery a lot of online Moodle based course content across the state or even further if the demand is there.

The basic structure is set up and we could possibly begin delivering training in a short time frame. It has the potential to increase training hours and so revenue to the BCF without much extra work/staff/cost.

Rob Beckett


Moodler, Mentor & Lecturer

Building, Construction & Furnishing

Gilles Plains Campus

P 08 8207 1166 IF 08 82071168 IM 0410 886 270

33 Blacks Road, Gilles Plains SA 5086




Keep on Mentoring...