TONY ARROWSMITH: A Heavy Vehicle Experience

Tony Arrowsmith

When the opportunity came along to become involved with the Learning Technologies Mentor (LTM) program, it was not only a chance to share some of the experiences gained over many years but also to expand the interest and abilities in others to spread the load in learning materials development using current and emerging technologies. Generating an interest in the past had always been difficult because taking on any development using technology outside what staff had already known or understood involved hours of personal study and commitment that extended way beyond traditional work hours. Priorities outside class contact had to be balanced between administration commitments to the teaching program and to the successful functioning of the section as a whole. Many within the Heavy Vehicle section have and are working through professional teaching and educational studies.

The LTM program was designed to release people to put aside their regular duties to work with colleagues and share a common purpose. In this case to learn to develop knowledge and skills in elearning resource development and facilitation that may not have otherwise occurred.

Presented here are two separate case studies. Although they occurred within the same teaching program, the learning and experiences were quite different from each other as will be discovered. This is not to say that work as an LTM did not occur outside the Heavy Vehicle program for this mentor, it did with varying degrees of success. However it would be fair to say that these two were the most successful of the eight people mentored.

HV Case Study 1: Using Centra

HV Case Study 2: Developing Electronic Learning Resources



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Second Life mentoree reflection

Nadine's article.docx

This article will be published in the next edition of the SACAL Literacy Matters publication as an example of literacy emdedded in e-learning.

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Take a Second Life journey to see practical applications for the English language classroom.

LTM reflection: the mentoring process
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  1. Tourism Case Study
  2. CS Case Study


Case Study 1 : WES & Moodle (Adelaide)

Case Study 2: Management Studies & Moodle (Panorama)


JULIE PISANO's Case Studies

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Second Life Case Study for Learning Technology Mentor Program.swf