This is what I look like

This is the start to my mentor wikipage to record my journey through LTM

Wednesday 11th August 8.30pm

Hi, what a great start to my journey over the past two days. I realise how much I didn't know, particularly with some of the Web 2. tools.

I have been delivering in Management and Small business Studies over the past four years - Project, Strategic, Operational and Finance Management, with OHS thrown in for good measure. I have used Janison and more recently Moodle as delivery vehicles. I have experimented with developer tools, such as eXe, ARED, Hot Potatoes, ISpring, etc and now have a bigger arsenal to draw from.

As a workgroup at Adelaide campus, we have a great deal of our course material delivered entirely or by blended approach on Moodle. Some is still in repository form, but much has been upgraded to interactive and integrated resouces.
Cert IV in Frontline (10 units), Cert IV in Project M'ment (8 units), Diploma in M'Ment + HR (13 units) and Diploma in Project M'ment (9 units) are all on Moodle. I have really enjoyed being a lead player in this progress.

I was a mentee in the previous LTM and gained lots from the experience. I know Ruth has some mentee project participants in South, but I have at least 4 individual mentees in my workgroup who I am keen to assist.

I feel I must promote the tools that TAFE SA supports in my approach to the mentoring roll, but bring in the developer and support tools that will enhance the final product.

More to come.......

(Am typing this at the tail end of a class on 'Writing Complex Documents' - students are doing a Case Study)