Well an interesting day on Friday. Ive asked 4 people if they are interested in being a part of the program and they have all been keen to join up as it were. They are all part of the elarning project being run by MET. There interests range accross resource development, better educational use of existing LMS and social networking with classes. They come from diverse backgrounds Fitting & machining, Boilermaking and Competitive manufacuring.

The picture above is of one of my model railway

Hi Michael

Am rather busy at present am now involved in advising on Machine guarding project, developing another 6 units to finish of the cert 3 in engineering and trying to complete the apprentices for this year, also have to self learn the new CAD programs in readines to deliver next week (new course). Have chosen the mentees and had a meeting with Ann Denning I need help!!!! with understanding wikis and google maybe i'm just dumb nothing seems to make sense. Best things about E-Dayz the stuff about power points and the freebies session "real" practical assisstance. Too much political correctness for my liking need more work less talk. Have been attempting to Help some of my mentees with skills in development of assessments on janison when time permits and the use of wikis (which at this stage has benn an unmitigated disaster.
by for now got get back to resulting.

Alan – you raise several issues here. I'm going to address them in the discussion area.